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Your ASDAC Community Event :

The whole dance community around the world

is affected by COVID-19, including the amazing overseas dance professionals who have supported ASDAC in our first 10 years.


We have invited these friends and more you haven't met yet, to teach some amazing


for you safely at home xx


Each special guest will present a different class of their own specialty, designed to be possible:

a. In your home in limited space

b. For both couples and singles to learn


Please join in as many workshops as you can for "Your ASDAC Experience for 2020".

Show the guests some ASDAC love while they personally bring you some of the World's Best Current Knowledge & Fun from their own personal isolation.


"We can all still experience the Magic of the ASDAC Community this year xx" - Sharon & Marko

You'll be supporting ASDAC too !




The schedule is nearly complete :

Below is the dates and times of our confirmed guests. (Awesome!) And the Online Store is Live!

We still have some details to iron out that will be updated here, so keep checking this page or receive the info directly on the ASDAC Email Hotline by request:





Australia :

                  Sunday's at 10am : 45 mins each

                  Between 17 May - 26 July 2020


New Zealand :

                  Sunday's at 12pm : 45 mins each

                  Between 17 May - 26 July 2020


USA - Los Angeles :

                  Saturday's at 5pm : 45 mins each

                  Between 16 May - 25 July 2020


USA - New York/Florida :

                  Saturday's at 8pm : 45 mins each

                  Between 16 May - 25 July 2020


Singapore :

                  Sunday's at 8am : 45 mins each

                  Between 17 May - 26 July 2020

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Find Toni & Michael :

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Instagram :  @globalsmoothsystem

Find Ms Lori Woods-Gay :

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Find Lisa Gebbels & Genna Flanagan :

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Find Toni & Michael :

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Instagram :  @globalsmoothsystem


Find Lauren Choukri :

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Find Steven Bock & Maki Sato :

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How it Works...

Your ASDAC Community Event :

Sharon & Marko will be hosting each workshop on the "ZOOM" App.


This App is free, and you don't need to sign up to have a Zoom account.


You can find, download and install Zoom here:


You will receive your Zoom "Meeting Invitation" Link, Meeting ID and Password by email 45 mins before the warm up starts. Make sure you log in early to give yourself time to overcome any issues. Practice using the app before the day of your workshop to test it out.

ZOOM system requirements




Massive savings for more enrolled workshops :

MASSIVE DISCOUNTS because we'd really like you to invite these special guests to teach 'virtually' in your home!


The normal price for our ASDAC Guest Workshops at The Outback Crown competition is $80 per person.



Workshops are 37.5% off the normal price:

= $50.00 per workshop per person

($45.45 + $4.55 gst)

1   Workshop   = $  50 per person ($30 saved)

2   Workshops = $100 per person ($60 saved)



3+ Workshops are 50% off the normal price:

= $40.00 per workshop per person

($36.36 + $3.64 gst)

3 Workshops = $120 per person ($120 saved)

4 Workshops = $160 per person ($160 saved)

and so on!!

These discounts apply at the time of purchase.

This means if you pay for 3 Workshops today you receive 50% Encouragement Discount.



If you have already paid for 1 Workshop and you decide to come back and buy more :

If you buy 1 more, to make your personal attendance a total of 2 Workshops = you will receive the 37.5%

First Discount automatically !!!


If you buy 2 or more additional Workshops for yourself, to make your personal attendance a total of 3+ Workshops = you will receive the 50% Encouragement Discount off all the new workshops added in this transaction.


To Receive Your Accrued Discount  you have to email Sharon to arrange a Direct Bank Deposit transfer because of the limitations of the Shopify Store.
Email :





We know you understand and appreciate that these huge discounts mean that ASDAC is taking a huge risk to bring these experiences to you in this time of crises.

So please follow these rules so

we can continue to bring the world to you  xx


1. You can only purchase Workshops for yourself and your spouse/partner.

2. We cannot back date accrued discounts to previous purchases you made which were under 3 Workshops.

3. The Meeting Code we send you for each workshop is "person specific". When you Log In to the Workshop we, as the meeting host, will only admit Log In's from our list of purchasers. So do not pass your Log In details to another person.


4. When logging in into each Workshop, do not hide your identity. Anyone with a hidden identity will not be admitted.


5. Do not invite people who have not paid for these amazing guests, to join you in watching your Workshop with you in your location.


6. All sales are final. No refunds will be issued.


7. Do not ask for extra discounts. They don't exist....


8. If you miss a Workshop, for any reason, you cannot take your purchase and apply it to a different Workshop. Once a workshop is completed, the guests are paid and the funds are gone...


9. If you become busy on a date you bought a Workshop, you can arrange to move your payment to a different Workshop as long as it is arranged and confirmed with at least 3 days prior to the Workshop booking you want to move.


10. If ASDAC or the special guests have internet connection faults or need to re-schedule a Workshop, you can either a: reallocate that purchase to a different Workshop where possible, or b: request a refund.


If you are found breaking these rules, you will be stealing from artists who spend their entire career working physically hard to make a living bringing you the knowledge that enriches your own abilities. ASDAC reserves the right to refuse future services to all rule breakers and trouble makers.



ASDAC's preferred payment method for Australia is:


         Account Name:   SDA Pty. Ltd.

                            BSB:    112 908

     Account Number:    027 864 061


Additional Info For Overseas Transfers

              Bank Name:    St George Bank

          Bank Address:    222 City Walk, Canberra ACT


      Routing Number:   021 000 021


For additional payment methods such as:

PayPal & Credit Card

Click the "Buy Now" Button:

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    Stay Tuned...

Australia's largest and most prestigious Smooth & Rhythm competition will be on again :

29 Jul - 1 Aug 2021!

Scroll to the bottom of this page

for the links to our other

information pages.

Brought to you by Sharon & Marko Pekkarinen

This is the 10th year that ASDAC will be

supporting the Smooth & Rhythm dancers
of Australia, and our international colleagues.


We work with the needs and requests of our
guests to provide a high quality, glamourous
event like nothing else in Australia.


ASDAC has social heats and events, competitive
heats, gorgeous trophies and awards,

and our panel of judges have been in the Australian Smooth & Rhythm industry for most

of their lives, from both independent and

franchised studios.


ASDAC is organised and run
Sharon Pekkarinen - Examiner for the
"US Imperial Society of Teachers of Dance"
and her husband Marko Pekkarinen,
Fellow of the USISTD.


Please use the menu below to find
information, and Sharon is on the other side
of the email link and ready to talk to you
personally. Please join us for your
incredible dancing weekend experience!


Interested in seeing what ASDAC is like?

Watch our video on Youtube!